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Exide Strong Pro EE1853 Start-Stop EFB 185Ah 1100A Type 629 12V Truck Battery With Carbon Boost 2.0 Technology

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  • 65182
  • 185 Ah
  • 43,90 kg
  • 513 mm
  • 223 mm
  • 223 mm
  • 629
  • 1100
  • Standard Wet Battery
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Exide EE1853 Strong Pro EFB+ Heavy Duty battery EE1853 185Ah 1100CCA 629 Exide's StrongPRO...more

Exide EE1853 Strong Pro EFB+ Heavy Duty battery EE1853 185Ah 1100CCA 629

Exide's StrongPRO battery range is now stronger than ever. A new carbon-based formula of negative active mass enhances the rechargeability and charge acceptance of the StrongPRO EFB+ battery. Additionally, the HVR® (high-vibration-resistant) technology enables StrongPRO EFB+ to pass the extreme vibration tests under the new European V4 standard (EN 50342-1:2015).

A more robust and longer lasting battery means reduced total service cost for fleet owners and truck drivers, allowing less replacements over the vehicle's service life and minimized risk of unexpected and premature battery failure.

Why choose the EE1853 Strong Pro EFB+ Battery?

  • Increased rechargeability and charge acceptance
  • Better control over gassing and stronger anti-stratification effect
  • Extremely Robust with HVR technology meeting V4 requirements
  • Maximum starting reliability after overnight stays and long hauls
  • First Class Safety Features
  • Maintenance Free, not filling up required

Recommended for: Long-haul modern/standard trucks with rear-chassis installations, express delivery vehicles, and city buses and coaches. Ideal for vehicles running on rough terrain, with power-hungry equipment and deep cycling applications.

What is HVR Technology?

Several economic factors (higher fuel costs, higher road taxes, higher toll & parking charges, and higher charges to enter low emission zones) have led fleet owners to upgrade by purchasing new Euro 5 or Euro 6 vehicles, thus reducing particulate matter and NOx emissions. Many Euro 5/Euro 6 vehicles have a new chassis layout to integrate the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and AdBlue tank, leading truck manufacturers to move batteries into the rear-chassis position.

The lifespan of ordinary batteries is greatly reduced by higher vibrations at the rear of the chassis of the vehicle. Exide worked with truck manufacturers to develop the new High Vibration Resistant (HVR®) battery in the market, one of the first to meet the new V4* vibration test. HVR guarantees a longer battery lifespan even when installed in the rear chassis of a truck.

The Carbon Boost Effect

Early battery failures are common in commercial vehicles, caused by exposure to deep discharge conditions. Challenges to the battery include frequent starting and stopping for urban deliveries, and overnight heating and lighting for long-haul trucks. This strain leads to sulphation and acid stratification, damaging battery lifespan.

With Exide Carbon Boost®, unique carbon additives increase the speed at which sulphate particles dissolve. This leads to faster recharging, protection from sulphation and less stratification. The carbon additives also promote controlled gassing during recharging, which keeps the electrolyte mixed and further reduces stratification.

The Benefits of Carbon Boost Technology

  • Improved Charge Acceptance
  • Faster Recharging
  • Reduced Acid Stratification
  • Enhanced Cycling Endurance
Brand: Exide
UK Part Code: 629
Voltage: 12
Capacity AH (C20): 185
CCA: 1100
Technology: Standard Wet Battery
Start-Stop: No
Length (mm): 513
Width (mm): 223
Height (mm inc. terminals): 223
Warranty: 2 Years
Terminal: A-Terminal
Layout: 3
Holddown: B00
Size (L x W x H): 513 x 223 x 223
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The most important questions about our high-quality replacement batteries for Truck &...more
FAQ Truck & Commercial Vehicles

The most important questions about our high-quality replacement batteries for Truck & Commercial Vehicles

Find the right battery here

Truck & Commercial Vehicles

Which starter battery is right for my commercial vehicle?

The easiest way is to use the data of your old battery. Make a note of the capacity, voltage, base strip and circuit. For 100% accuracy you should also measure the size (length, width and height) of the old starter battery. With this data you can easily find the right starter battery.

You don't know what to do? Then send us pictures of all sides of the old battery. We will be happy to help you find the right starter battery for your truck / commercial vehicle.


What is the difference between the battery technologies?

● Acid: Inside the battery is liquid acid which should be refilled at regular intervals - this is usually the cheapest price variant. We offer sealed lead acid maintenance free options
● AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat Technology): With AGM batteries the electrolyte (acid) is completely bound in a glass fibre fleece, therefore the batteries are leak-proof - medium price variant.
● GEL: The acid in these batteries is thickened to a gel. Like the AGM battery, they are leak-proof and extremely durable - high-quality price variant.

What is the difference between a starter battery and a utility battery?

Our powerful AGM starter batteries are used when starting the engine. They are then recharged during the journey. Utility batteries supply your on-board devices (refrigerator, lighting, multimedia, etc.) while you are standing. The supply batteries can also be recharged either via solar cells or during the journey.

What is a Dual Battery?

Our dual batteries are both starter and utility batteries. The Dual Batteries are ideal for use in small motorhomes. We recommend the use of a starter battery and one or more utility batteries.

How many utility batteries can I install?

Basically, you can adjust the quantity of your utility batteries to the available space. However, please keep in mind the weight limit of your vehicle. You can find more information in your vehicle manual.

What is the delivery time of a battery?

Our batteries are packed and dispatched directly after your order by our automated packing line. The delivery time is between 1-3 days. If you need further information about your order, simply contact our service team or use the shipment tracking.

Can I return my old battery?

You can return the old battery to us in our shop. Alternatively, please dispose of the used battery at a recycling centre or scrap dealer.
Important: Ensure the respective company provides written confirmation about the disposal of the used battery.

How can I recharge the starter and utility batteries?

The starter battery is automatically recharged during a longer journey. If you wish to recharge the battery after a longer period of stationary, use a charger.

How long does it take to fully charge my starter battery?


The starter battery is recharged while driving by the alternator. The starter battery cannot usually  be charged enough during frequent short distances. In order for your new starter battery to last longer, you should fully charge it by driving longer journeys or using an optional charger. Alternatively, you can also install an additional solar cell.

How do I recognise the correct connection?

The easiest way is to use the data of your old battery. Or have a look at the instruction manual of your truck / commercial vehicle.

What voltage does my truck / commercial vehicle need?

Trucks usually have a voltage of 24 volts. If you are unsure, check your old battery or your vehicle instruction manual.

What capacity do I need?

To choose the capacity you should use your old battery as a template. If you are unsure, check your used battery or your vehicle manual.

How do I know if I have Start-Stop?

Many vehicles switch off the engine during short standstills. When choosing the right starter battery, please make sure that your vehicle also has a Start-Stop automatic. For further information, please refer to your vehicle manual.

What is the bottom rail of my truck battery?

Check on your old starter battery which baseboard you need. Or take a look at your vehicle manual.

I need help choosing the right battery!

Use our free phone line or our contact form. We will be happy to help you choose the right battery

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